The Personaweb project

The PersonaWeb project is focused upon the implementation and evaluation of a dynamic Web-based framework for achieving dynamic adaptation and personalization of eServices' generic content based on human factors. More specifically, given the users' diversified perceptual preferences, the same service content provided by an organization will be reconstructed and delivered differently based on users' cognitive typologies and the proposed set of design guidelines (user-centric). This way, we will increase information assimilation, accuracy on cognitive targets' searching activities and consequently enhance satisfaction and acceptability of the On-line services. [read more]



Demo Video of the PersonaWeb System

Demonstration at the User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization Conference (UMAP 2015) in Dublin, Ireland

PersonaWeb Workshop at Grecian Bay Hotel, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

PersonaWeb Workshop [more info and agenda]

Best Paper Nominee at UMAP 2014

Marios Belk, Panagiotis Germanakos, Christos Fidas, and George Samaras, for the paper namely, "A Personalisation Method based on Human Factors for Improving Usability of User Authentication Tasks".

Please visit the User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP 2014) conference.

Best Paper Award at SouthCHI 2013

Marios Belk, Panagiotis Germanakos, Christos Fidas, Andreas Holzinger, and George Samaras, for the paper namely, "Towards the Personalization of CAPTCHA Mechanisms based on Individual Differences in Cognitive Processing".

Please visit Human Factors in Computing and Informatics (SouthCHI 2013) conference.